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Women's Tango Weekend in Durango, CO -August 9-12

Tango Retreat 2018 @ Eureka Lodge

It's coming again and it is going to be FAB!  Carrie will be joining us in Durango CO for our annual Women's Tango Weekend. Below is an outline of our schedule for August 9-12. To register, make sure to click over to our registration page and secure your spot.  There is room for 20 participants TOTAL.

This weekend will focus on strengthening and pampering us as women in the dance of Argentine Tango. We will dance both roles, the men's and women’s role and learn the structure of the dance as a moving relationship between two people in space and time. This is a chance to pay special attention your dance with clear, precise, elegant understanding.


Ladies Mixer 730-9pm at McCarson's house. Once registered, information and a complete itinerary will be emailed to you.


*Tango Inform 10 am-11 am

Elegant Sumptuous Posture and Embrace:

Be ease-fully upright by laying the groundwork for your tango dancing body. Floor exercises that offer insight to the tango movability of your perfect spiraling spine and hugging arms.

*Tango Technique 11:15am - 12:30pm

Precise sensual footwork:

Our relationship to the floor feeds our partner as well as our tango posture and ease of movement. Drill each part of your leg extension, walk, cross, ochos and add some embellishments.


*Tango Structure  2 - 3:30 pm

Fundamentals and Beyond:

Learn the man and woman’s role of five basic moves for all dancers from advanced to beginner. Let’s do this!!



*Tango Inform  10 am- 11am

Core of the Legs:

Secrets from your core to creating balance on a strong standing leg and a lose free leg. Exercises to warm up the legs and hips and understand the tango doings of the hips-to-the-core.

*Tango Technique  11:15am - 12:30pm

Turning the Inside out:

Creating successful inviting pivots, boleos and giro’s.


*Tango Structure  2-3:30pm

Turns big and small

Who’s going around who? The mechanics of the man’s and woman’s role in the molinete.

*MILONGA-  8pm-11pm



*The Take-Away 10 am-11am

This class will summarize our lessons over the weekend and go over what to practice together and on your own.

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Workshop: Offering Tenderness in Your Embrace

This will not be a class for the uncomfortable. Let me say that again.  This class will not be a class for the uncomfortable.  In this workshop we will connect to our partners and to others in the class on a level, that for some, may feel awkward in and outside of our bodies.  

My goal is to have you end the class feeling more connected to yourself as well as your Tango Family.  Yes, we dance with our dance partners a certain way, usually like no other on the dance floor, BUT  wouldn't it be nice to be able to relax, connect and breathe in the humanity and love with a stranger.  

We will explore the use of our hands, our breath, our heat, our acceptance, our embrace and settling in to our bellies. We will also get the giddies out in the beginning because people just get nervous... that's what happens when we get close to others, but the idea is to take this feeling with us, breathe through it and use it to our advantage. To use it to dance and to feel good in our own bodies. When we feel good, others feel that and they respond in a way that feels good to them too. 

No, this isn't a sexuality class or anything like that. It is an opportunity for you to embrace the beauty and the graceful dancer that you are all while connecting with another human being in a way you haven't before. 

No shoes required for class. No partner required.

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to Jul 30

TANGO CONTRADICTION @ Eureka Lodge, A Women's Retreat.

Tango Contradiction's first RETREAT is now scheduled! 
JULY 27-30, 2017!

There will be 20 enrollment total for women and registration OPENS on January 10th, 2017. 

Registration and logistics will be available soon to reserve your spot for this first annual retreat at historic Eureka Lodge outside of Silverton Colorado. 

A magnificent location nestled in the mountains outside of Silverton, Eureka Lodge is historic and comforting and has no cell service & no internet. Yes ladies, this retreat is for the woman wanting to escape, expand and improve her dance. From the basics to embellishments, to following at your best and learning a bit of the lead role, this retreat is for all women yearning to develop grace, confidence, skill, knowledge and ability in their dance of Tango. Offering 7 classes, 2 milongas and private lessons with our cherished instructor, you'll walk away feeling refreshed and vibrant about your dancing abilities. 

Carrie Hortense-Field, from Taos Tango, is our instructor for our long weekend. We will also have Tango Inform led by Carrie and privates are available which you can schedule when you register for the retreat. 

MASSAGE: If you are interested in scheduling a massage during your retreat, there will be a reservation option at the time of registration.

The RETREAT REGISTRATION INCLUDES: 3 nights lodging, ALL organic meals prepared by a phenomenal chef, Tango Inform each morning, 7 intimate classes with Carrie, 2 Milongas and Entertainment for our last evening at Eureka. 

There will be TWO options for the retreat registration:
1) A private room registration would be a total of $675.
2) A shared room (1 queen bed) registration with a friend would be a total of $495. 

So, if you have a friend and you want to buddy up and share a room, your costs are less, or if you would like to have a room to yourself, you are more than welcome to do this! 

This retreat will nourish your soul, work your bodies in the dance, allow for relaxation and togetherness with other likeminded female tango dancers who are interested in supporting one another. You will leave the retreat feeling more confident in yourself, in your dance and have added to your ability in learning to LEAD and refining your FOLLOWING skills. 

We are ecstatic to offer this retreat and look forward to all who would like to attend and dig deeper in to the dance!

More to come on the lodge @Eureka, Carrie's magnificence, the class schedule and much much more.

Please feel free to share with all. We are so excited!

~ McCarson Leigh
I'm just a lady on a tango journey..

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