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Workshop: Offering Tenderness in Your Embrace

This will not be a class for the uncomfortable. Let me say that again.  This class will not be a class for the uncomfortable.  In this workshop we will connect to our partners and to others in the class on a level, that for some, may feel awkward in and outside of our bodies.  

My goal is to have you end the class feeling more connected to yourself as well as your Tango Family.  Yes, we dance with our dance partners a certain way, usually like no other on the dance floor, BUT  wouldn't it be nice to be able to relax, connect and breathe in the humanity and love with a stranger.  

We will explore the use of our hands, our breath, our heat, our acceptance, our embrace and settling in to our bellies. We will also get the giddies out in the beginning because people just get nervous... that's what happens when we get close to others, but the idea is to take this feeling with us, breathe through it and use it to our advantage. To use it to dance and to feel good in our own bodies. When we feel good, others feel that and they respond in a way that feels good to them too. 

No, this isn't a sexuality class or anything like that. It is an opportunity for you to embrace the beauty and the graceful dancer that you are all while connecting with another human being in a way you haven't before. 

No shoes required for class. No partner required.