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Women's Tango Weekend in Durango, CO -August 9-12

Tango Retreat 2018 @ Eureka Lodge

It's coming again and it is going to be FAB!  Carrie will be joining us in Durango CO for our annual Women's Tango Weekend. Below is an outline of our schedule for August 9-12. To register, make sure to click over to our registration page and secure your spot.  There is room for 20 participants TOTAL.

This weekend will focus on strengthening and pampering us as women in the dance of Argentine Tango. We will dance both roles, the men's and women’s role and learn the structure of the dance as a moving relationship between two people in space and time. This is a chance to pay special attention your dance with clear, precise, elegant understanding.


Ladies Mixer 730-9pm at McCarson's house. Once registered, information and a complete itinerary will be emailed to you.


*Tango Inform 10 am-11 am

Elegant Sumptuous Posture and Embrace:

Be ease-fully upright by laying the groundwork for your tango dancing body. Floor exercises that offer insight to the tango movability of your perfect spiraling spine and hugging arms.

*Tango Technique 11:15am - 12:30pm

Precise sensual footwork:

Our relationship to the floor feeds our partner as well as our tango posture and ease of movement. Drill each part of your leg extension, walk, cross, ochos and add some embellishments.


*Tango Structure  2 - 3:30 pm

Fundamentals and Beyond:

Learn the man and woman’s role of five basic moves for all dancers from advanced to beginner. Let’s do this!!



*Tango Inform  10 am- 11am

Core of the Legs:

Secrets from your core to creating balance on a strong standing leg and a lose free leg. Exercises to warm up the legs and hips and understand the tango doings of the hips-to-the-core.

*Tango Technique  11:15am - 12:30pm

Turning the Inside out:

Creating successful inviting pivots, boleos and giro’s.


*Tango Structure  2-3:30pm

Turns big and small

Who’s going around who? The mechanics of the man’s and woman’s role in the molinete.

*MILONGA-  8pm-11pm



*The Take-Away 10 am-11am

This class will summarize our lessons over the weekend and go over what to practice together and on your own.