Liz and Yannick LEADER Education 6/1-6/2


Liz and Yannick LEADER Education 6/1-6/2


European champion tango dancers Liz and Yannick Vanhove are conducting a unique, weekend-long workshop in Durango, Colorado, on June 1-2, 2019. Unlike traditional classes, the couple will teach two distinct tracks: one for followers, and one for leaders.

Each track will consist of 7 hours of instruction over two days, focusing intensely on traditional tango technique and skills that participants can later practice on their own. By studying without a partner, participants will develop an increased awareness of their own responsibilities in the dance—their relationships with the floor, with the music, and with themselves. 

Each track is capped at 20 participants, ensuring an intimate atmosphere and plenty of focused instruction from Liz and Yannick. Leader and follower tracks are open to all genders, and participants may even register for both tracks. There will be limited availability for private lessons, as well.

Included in the registration is a Saturday night milonga and a Friday night meet-and-greet. A detailed schedule will be released closer to the workshop weekend. Participants should expect to be available in Durango for all of Saturday and Sunday. No partial registrations—to ensure fairness for all dancers who wish to participate in the whole weekend.

About the instructors:

Liz and Yannick love everything about tango and teach it with generosity, humility, patience, and humor. They always emphasize the technique and the naturalness of the movement. Their dance expresses the great connection that unites them in their search for simplicity, elegance and musicality in every dance. 

In 2012, Liz and Yannick won the European championship in the category Tango Salon and became vice-champions of Tango Escenario. They were finalists at both the World Championship and the Metropolitan Championship in Buenos Aires for Tango Salon.


More about the Masters:

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