Women's Embellishment Weekend With Carrie Field

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Tango Contradiction2018-2.JPG

Women's Embellishment Weekend With Carrie Field


Join us in Durango for another phenomenal women’s weekend with Carrie Field August 9-12, 2018. Our ladies mixer will be on Aug 9th and the classes will start August 10th.

Last years women’s retreat was a such a success with time to learn, make new friends and relax in the mountains. This year we are in town for a comprehensive get down to nuts and bolts and embellishment of the dance. We decided to host the workshop in Red Scarf Studio this year to keep the cost down and so more of you could attend! We know summer is a busy time for all and we look forward to having a great time with all of you!

Registration includes all class fees, which there are 7 TOTAL!! There will be organized evening activities for all to participate and work their new found Tango skills. In this women’s weekend we will also work both roles in the dance. We will not only learn the best following techniques and embellishments for the floor, but we will also learn the lead role.

We have all found that learning both roles builds flexibility in our dance and also allows us to take responsibility for our dance too. No more sitting around and not dancing at Milongas! Take that chance and lead a friend who may also be sitting.

More and more women are dancing both roles and with Carrie as our teacher, we have such a great time and learn so much about ourselves.

Upon registration, information will be sent to you regarding hotels and the itinerary for the weekend.

We look forward to spending the weekend with you and enjoying your dance company!

Please not that all registrations are final for planning purposes. There are also 20 participant registrations available total. Besos!

**oh and feel free to call me if you need help with anything.

McCarson Leigh 970-759-8404

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