My First San Diego Tango!

WOW. What a festival. 2016 marked the year of my first adventure to San Diego to experience another level of my tango journey. I will admit that my favorite moments at the festival where not only dancing with amazing leads, immersing myself in the music but all in all, it was Carrie Hortense-Fields Ladies Technique classes and her Tango Inform. 

If you haven't taken one of her classes before, it's a must and you have the opportunity to take full advantage of her education and technique come this July 2017.  What I learned in San Diego is only a very small amount of what she will teach in July.  This past week, I learned to connect even better with my body.  My step in to the OCHO, my ability to pivot at my best using all that god gave me to do so and to really hold myself high in a confident way.  Her embellishment guidance was superb and the body restoration with her Tango Inform helped my ladies body find peace after dancing so many hours of the day. It assisted me in getting ready for the milongas in the evening and my body was better prepared.  

I continue to learn from Carrie on what my body is capable of and if I work hard and I am committed to this dance, the practice shows. As we continue to dance, if we do not seek guidance on our movements, its very possible that we can develop bad habits, habits that can affect so much of what we do as Tangueras. 

This past week was a big part of my ongoing journey as a dancer.  I actually stepped in to lead on occasion during the classes. This was huge for me. While I have been learning leaders technique an trying to become a solid block of awesomeness, my femininity also plays in to my dance.  I have found confidence in taking another follower  by the hand and saying, lets do this because we are not going to just stand here!  

At the TANGO CONTRADICTION retreat in July, we will all learn how to be our best as followers and many of us will learn techniques that will assist us in becoming great leads.  Carrie will be teaching us all!  With 7 classes and privates, this retreat is going to be all for the WOMAN!

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of Carrie's classes as well as a follower and a lead at the Festival. Being able to have the capacity to do both roles when needed has really enhanced my dance.  

REGISTRATION OPENS JANUARY 10, 2017 for the TANGO CONTRADICTION women's retreat!  Here on this website you will see the registration options. If you really want to be on the journey of a great dancer in Tango... then come! We'd love to have you. It's a retreat for any woman.  Please keep in mind that the retreat is limited to 20 very special ladies. 

Have a beautiful day!

McCarson Leigh

(photo- Sarah Sutter, McCarson Jones, Dean Bowman and Sam Brow)