Class Schedule Teaser


For all you lovely ladies that are excited about registering for Tango Contradiction's first WOMENS retreat at Eureka Lodge 7/28 -7/30/17, here is a sneak peek for you for our first day of classes!!

class 1-
a) 10:00-11:00- Tango Inform: Stretch and swing the travel out of your body. We will do exercises to create supple feet in communication with the floor. Invoke the core of the standing leg, release in the free leg and stretch and loosen the hips.
b) 11:00-12:00- Musical Magicallity: Connect to your partner, the floor,and the music using the most basic recipe calling for the fewest ingredients.

class 2- 2:30-3:15- Basic Figure and Technique for locomotion, linear movements of Tango that travel. Elegant posture and good balance contribute to the independence of the follower and the clarity of the leader.

class 3- 5-6:15- Linear and Circular movement- Cuttin up a rug with two basic concepts of moving together and/or around each other. How we create diagnals, spirals and lines within our bodies, with our partners and with the space. An introduction to leading the ocho and giro.


Remember there are 20 spots available for registration. Find a friend and share a room, or if you'd like private time, simply register for one of the single rooms for yourself. Go to our RETREAT tab where you will find the right package for you to register come January 10th, 2017!  

Hasta entonces...