You Know You're a Tanguera When...

“Trust your feeling. If you want to guess go ahead, but your connection will never take you the wrong way”.

~A quote from today’s lesson with Lorena Ermocida

Here is a funny story. A tango story.

The other day I was taking a shower, bubbles and such and washing my feet and all of the sudden I realized that all of the soap made my foot incredibly slippery in the tub. I quickly stood strong on my standing leg and made sure to rinse off the bubbles from my free leg and my foot prior to putting it down. Now, why does this mean I am a Tanguera? Well, the fact of the matter is, if I were to be lazy and not be present with my foot, it’s very possible that I could have slipped in the shower. And that my friends, would be very sad. I didn’t come to Buenos Aires to spend a month on the couch. No ma’am . I am here to dance. So with that said, lets be honest and say I have a little OCD now while taking the shower and also.. I will admit I did take my cell in to the shower but hey I am a photographer and wanted to make a point!

Another point to make is this…
This year I am a different dancer, a different woman and different person inside and out. This past week has been monumental for me. Something actually clicked … its all working. The education that I have received from my Tango teachers is finally understood. The work and practice and efforts to travel to become the dancer I desire, is all coming together. Not a quick process by any means,  a true and life long process for sure. Something that stands out for me in this journey is the ability to be kind. While we may not appreciate the other persons lead or the followers exact technique, we are still ALL HUMAN. We are still on our own journey with this dance and we are still in this together. I think back to some of the fabulous heart centered partners that I have been given the amazing opportunity to share an embrace with, this post goes to you fellas/gals: Ljuba, Mike & Carrie, Luis & Daniela, Hilario, Eduardo, Hans, Andre, Dmitry, Bruce, Joni, Chris, Mark, Patrick, Jorge, Scott, Roberto, Eduardo#2, Jason and Harold.. and to the many fabulous people from across the world that I cannot remember your names, thank you. Your patience with me and your ability to see the diamond in the rough has made my dance better and better each year. Because of your patience and the love I have for myself, I can now listen and accept your invitations and propositions and choose how that fits in to my dance. You probably never knew that giving this lady a chance on the dance floor would actually allow for the opportunity for me to get to know the real me and how I not only embrace in Tango, but how I embrace the world around me.

With Love,
McCarson Leigh